Hanrahan Performance Products
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HPP Shop Services

Hanrahan Performance Products Offers all of the following in shop services:

Race Engines:

·         Basic PM Services (adjusting valves, etc.) through complete engine rebuilds

·         Development and assembly of new motor combination

·         HPP uses Bridges Performance for all major cylinder head work

Race Transmissions:

·         Basic PM Service for Powerglide (tear-down, inspection and seal replacement):  $165.00

·         Complete Overhaul for Powerglide transmissions:  $165.00 Plus required parts

·         Development and assembly of new Powerglide transmission:  $250.00 Plus Parts

·         HPP handles the entire lines of transmission parts from the following companies:

o    JW Performance

o    BTE

o    Transmission Specialties

o    Sonnax

o    ATI

o    Reid Racing

Drag Racing Chassis:  HPP works with the following companies to provide top quality chassis and suspension components:

o    Quarter-Max

o    Chassis Engineering

o    Moser Engineering

o    Strange Engineering

o    Race Kraft

o    Heidt’s

·         Basic Inspections:

o    Four Corner Scaling

o    Suspension Set-up to Chassis Center line

·         Suspension Adjustment: (HPP will perform suspension adjustments at the shop after a basic inspection has been completed; HPP prefers to see the car run at the track after an adjustment to complete to ensure optimum set-up)

o    Ladder Bars

o    Four Links

·         Rear-End Housing Modifications:

o    Narrowing OEM or After-Market Housings with Jig

o    Replacement of axle tubes for GM 10 & 12 bolts and Ford 8.8

o    Installing back braces on 9” Ford Housing

o    Installing under carriage braces on GM and Ford 8.8 housing to reduce axle tube flex

·         Suspension Component Installation:

o    Ladder Bars

o    Four Links

o    Diagonal Link or Wishbone

o    Anti-roll bars

o    Complete front suspensions (arm or struts)

·         Chassis Modifications:

o    Back-halving Stock Chassis Cars

o    Upgrades to existing roll cage systems

·         Complete Chassis:

o    Box frame with Cage

o    Complete Round Tube from either Mild Steel or Chrome Moly

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